History of Our Church

In 1946, a Methodist church began operating a Chinese mission in the Chinatown section of Philadelphia. This lay the groundwork for the launch of an independent, non-denominational assembly named Chinese Gospel Church. Services were held mostly in English (the majority of members were American-born Chinese) until 1965, when the first regular services in Chinese were held due to a critical mass of Chinese Christians from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China. The church outgrew its space and eventually purchased the current property at 222 N. 12th Street.

Many pastors and coworkers have served at Chinese Gospel Church over the years. The following list includes the ordained pastors who have shepherded the flock of God:

Rev. Robert Downs (1946-1965)
Rev. Hermann Wang (1965-1969)
Rev. Timothy Chang (1965-1979)
Rev. Edward Knettler (1979-1990)
Rev. Kurt Teng (1990-2003)
Rev. Sunny Lee (1991-1996)
Rev. Michael Phua (2006-2008)
Rev. Shirong Chia (2009-2012)
Rev. Timothy Kao (2009-2014)

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